Social Innovation Spotlight

With the Social Innovation Spotlight, we want to give the voice to Interreg people and projects working with social innovation. If you want to feature your project here, just send us an email for the details and tell us about:

  • What does Social Innovation mean to you?
  • What did your project achieve through social innovation?
  • Why is it worth to systematically fund projects working with social innovation?

For ARRIVAL REGIONS, social innovation means developing new and clever ideas, concepts and solutions to deal with major societal challenges – for example immigration of foreign nationals and their integration in rural regions.
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ASIS (Alpine Social Innovation Strategy) – For ASIS, social innovation stands for human-centered innovation with a positive impact on society, representing new practices and approaches to societal challenges.
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Jakob from MAMBA explains why social innovation matters in rural mobility and the accessibility of services in peripheral regions. MAMBA aims at improving quality of life in rural areas with new, creative answers to common rural mobility and accessibility challenges.
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For Renata from EmPaci (Empowering Participatory Budgeting in the Baltic Sea Region), social innovation means mapping inspirations and designing creative solutions to tackle challenges on both micro and macro levels – as they do it in EmPaci.
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SIforREF stands for “Integrating Refugees in Society and the Labour Market Through Social Innovation”. For SIforREF, social innovation is a tool to combat the marginalization and involve policy makers and local communities into the integration process.
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Gabor from Excellence-in-ReSTI, social innovation is a means to tackle problems related to inequality or education. For this purpose, Excellence-in-ReSTI introduced a new e-learning programme – which also includes a learning module dedicated explicitly to social innovation.
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